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Are you looking for free subliminal audio download(s) to try before buying? Thisis the place! Free subliminal offer; real subliminal, not a placebo. The MP3 downloads listed below are shorter or older version of those found on
Unlike other vendors, we offer you many free subliminal recordings with no membership required. You remain anonymous to us while our recordings help you improve in certain areas of your life. If you are impressed with the results, we hope that you will use our premium subliminal recordings – and reward us for our work.
Free downloads on this page are older versions or versions that Sprudio doesn't sell - the improved ones are currently offered @ $10.99 each. Click here to see our large selection of  newest downloads! Our CDs, listed under "Products," are even better and more effective; these are still being offered at $14.99 a piece with free shipping. Free samples are provided here as a courtesy for our readers and customers.

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SprudioSprudio Offer Mp3s and Cds

Our prices are really affordable, long tracks between 30 minutes for music subliminal to 60 minutes for ocean or silent subliminal. We guarantee that our MP3s are as effective as the Cds because we use the superior constant bit rate compression of 256 kbps rather than the standard 128 variable compression used for music in most cases. It is well known that compressing any sound in an MP3 file loses much of its quality and info- but not our subliminals! Our files are quite large (100 MB/download- paid subliminal recordings are 30-60 minutes long.

Music Subliminal MP3

Many companies offer subliminal products– many offer music too, but no one offers so wide a selection of music. Chances are that the same music can be found in two or three titles. Before you buy you have a chance to read the description and the affirmations we used in each recording. Delivery is instant after payment, and no log in info anywhere to remember. Just be sure that the e-mail address you submit is correct.

Silent Subliminal

By now you all already know about silent subliminal or soundless subliminal recordings. Sprudio was the first to offer this product by itself! It is the perfect choice- you can play silent subliminal while working, driving, playing your own music, watching TV or sleeping. The sound can barely be perceived. However, your subconscious mind will understand all the positive affirmations, because silent subliminal is pure subliminal without music background. You can never get bored.

Custom Subliminal

If for some reason you would like to create your own subliminal script using your own words, we invite you to visit our custom subliminal page. It is very easy- enter your text, select your background (which can be music, silent or nature sound), send us the message, then pay on the next page. Prices are really affordable. No one else offers custom subliminal at low prices and fast delivery- and we have been doing this for 8 years! You can even use your own recorded voice if you contact us in advance and send us the recording. Our staff will (nearly) always answer you within a few hours.

To download just Right Click on the link and "Save link As" or "Save file" depending on your browser.

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iPhone users: Sorry, but Apple wants you to use iTunes to download their products only. We cannot offer our recordings to iTunes- their compression rate would essentially render the subliminal track worthless.

We cannot certify that this subliminal will work for you. There is no such product yet discovered that works on every person 100%. Modern medicine cannot cure common cold, and it is in place for over 100 years. Your brain can do miracles. Only you can cure your body and mold your brain to have a happier, healthier life. It is up to you to succeed.

Attract Men Subliminal Rain


This subliminal is intended to help you gain confidence in the presence of men.

I am an attractive woman. I am loving and caring. Men feel good in my presence. I show confidence. I have class and distinction. I am attracted to kind loving men. I am irresistible to men. I project sexuality. Men feel comfortable in my presence. I inspire trust in men. I inspire sexuality in men. I take excellent care of myself and it is evident to men that I like them. Men like me and are fascinated by me. I am smart and funny. I like to talk to men and learn what they are doing.

Attract Women Subliminal

This subliminal is intended to help you gain confidence in the presence of women.:

I am an attractive man. I am loving and caring. Women feel good in my presence. I show confidence. I have class and distinction. I am attracted to kind loving women. I am irresistible to women. I project sexuality. Women feel comfortable in my presence. I inspire trust in women. I inspire sexuality in women .I take excellent care of myself and it is evident to women that I like them. Women like me and are fascinated by me. I am smart and funny. I like to talk to women and learn what they are doing. I like listening to what they have to say.

For Diet and Weight Loss MP3 Silent

We lost the affirmations of this one but is about eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, avoiding sugars, and being determined to stay in good shape.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Bubbling Water background)


I pay attention to people when they speak.
I am completely calm and relaxed.
I am improving daily.
I am fulfilling my duties.
I am happy. I understand requirements. I complete my assignments.
I concentrate and maintain concentration.


End Your Anxiety (Rain)

I think clearly, my life is under my control. I can and do relax at will. I am safe and secure, I feel calm and safe. Being calm is my natural state. I enjoy spending time relaxing. I project calm inside and out. I am at peace with myself. I release feelings of anxiety. I detach from anxiety. My body is strong and relaxed. I feel better every time I play this recording.

Eyesight – See More Clearly Mp3 Subliminal Silent

My eyesight is getting better. I can see well. I can focus on all distances. My vision is better than it was. I am less dependent upon my glasses. I can see better when I relax. I can see better in the dark. My eyes are improving. My peripheral vision is improved.

Perfect Complexion - Face, Skin, Acne Ocean Subliminal MP3

Affirmations :
My skin is improving. My spots are disappearing. My skin is healthy. My skin is clean and smooth. All my wrinkles are disappearing. My skin looks good. My skin is supple. I like my skin and the way I look. I look good. My face is acne free. I feel good about my skin.

Overcoming the Fear of Driving & Driving Alone Bubbling Water

We are convinced that will help you go other this fear.

Newest Additions:

Breast Reduction - Rain Mp3

This subliminal is intended for ladies that want a breast reduction.

Female Orgasm - River

This subliminal is intended for the benefit of ladies.

Sex Drive Libido - Rain Mp3

This is for male and female partners. Good luck !

Sexual Confidence MP3
Two Downloads:

Download Ocean Subliminal

Download Silent Subliminal

End your insecurities regarding your sex life and become truly sexually confident!

I am confident. My body is beautiful. I am good at pleasuring my partner. I am sexually confident. People see me as a sexual person. I am attracting people around me. I am confident in my potency. I am confident in bed. I like to show my body. I like to try new positions. I have an active sex life.



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